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In Langkawi island, there are nine beautiful beaches. This article will guide you know more about beautiful Langkawi beaches. These nine beautiful Langkawi beaches are Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah, Pantai Kok beach, Teluk Yu beach, Tanjung Rhu beach, Pantai Pasir Hitam or Black Sand beach, Pantai Pasir Tengkorak or Skull Sand beach, Datai Bay and Burau Bay.

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Langkawi has a very distinct dry season at the beginning of each year. In the months of January and February, hardly a drop of rain falls. Although the heat and humidity is relentless, this is when tourists flock to the island because continuous sunshine is virtually guaranteed.

This is a great time for watersports like jetskiing and parasailing, as the waters around Langkawi become the clearest they will get all year. Unfortunately, this is also the time when the waterfalls dry up, the grass dies and deciduous trees shed their leaves. If you’re coming for the scenery, avoid the month of February when the entire island turns an unslightly brown.


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