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Know more about Langkawi attractions, things you can do, and places of interest to visit in Langkawi, including Underwater World, Cable Car Langkawi, Kota Mahsuri, Wildlife Park, Langkawi Craft Complex, Snake Sanctuary, The Field of Burnt Rice, Laman Padi, The Ancient Tomb, Air Hangat Village Hot Springs, Mardi Agro Park, and Crocodile Farm in Langkawi island, Malaysia.

This beautiful museum houses political gifts given to Malaysia’s maverick and longest-serving Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad. It also contains many of his prized personal possessions.

Mahatir is acknowledged even by his political rivals and critics as the main reason why Malaysia escaped its third-world status during his tenure as Prime Minister. In case you’re wondering why there’s a tribute museum to him here, it’s because Mahatir was the driving force in creating Langkawi’s tourism industry and because he has often remarked that the island is his favourite place in all of Malaysia.

There is an enormous variety of items here from all over the world. The exhibits are only a small fraction of the museum’s total collection and these are rotated every few months, making a specific description of the exhibits difficult.

Depending on what’s currently on display, you could see anything from cheesy kitsch to very elegant antiques. Besides the crafts, there are also automobiles, vintage weapons and antiquarian books on display. The architecture of the building is stunning, especially the intricate ceilings, which were created by Uzbekistan craftsmen. Viewing these gorgeous ceilings alone is worth the price of admission.

The collection might be a bit too eccentric for some but admission fee is very cheap. Culture buffs and lovers of fine architecture should not miss this unique museum.

Underwater World

Not as spectacular as some mega-budget super aquariums around the world but it’s still great fun and well worth the admission fee. Some highlights: the split-level penguin exhibit with underwater view and the tunnel tank housing the giant groupers, rays and sharks. Also don’t miss the mesmerizing jellyfish and sea dragon exhibits. A sure-fire hit with the kids.

Langkawi Cable Car

This is a cable car ride that few places in the world can rival. The incredible views of the mountain range are beyond description. Of all Langkawi’s tourist attractions and activities, this is the one you MUST experience before you leave—no if, ands or buts. Save it for a sunny day with few clouds.

The Sky Bridge at the upper platform offers even more amazing views. For safety reasons, this bridge is often shut down for maintenance, and security officers will chase everyone off if a big cloud comes in. If it’s open and you’re fit enough to climb the long flight of stairs back up, do not miss this!

Kota Mahsuri

A cultural centre and mausoleum honouring the memory of Mahsuri, a folk heroine who, 200 years ago, withstood brutal torture after being falsely accused of adultery. Besides her bravery in the face of torture, Mahsuri is famous for the curse she laid on the family that eventually executed her.

Most of the legends surrounding Langkawi are for PR purposes only and none of the locals take them seriously. However, all the locals consider the Mahsuri legend as true. Whether or not you believe the supernatural elements of the story, the islanders will tell you that Lankgawi suffered incredibly bad luck for exactly the number of years Mahsuri stated in her curse. This very moving story is laid out in the mini-museum at Makam Mahsuri.

There are traditional music performances at various times. Try to time your visit with these performances. If you’re interested in traditional Malay culture and architecture, don’t miss this.  Very low admission fee.
Wildlife Park

Children and the young at heart will especially love this attraction, which is also called the Bird Park (Taman Burung). They can feed the virtually all the birds and animals, pet a snake and make friends with an assortment of large parrots. They will also love the donkey rides and the rabbit pen. But it’s not all just for kids. Couples will enjoy aviary, especially the serene and romantic landscaped pond where all sorts of exotic waterfowl are roaming free. Look for the huge pelican up in the trees.

Resist the urge to go through this wildlife centre at top speed. You’ll be missing out on a lot, especially at the aviary, where lots of amazing birds and butterflies are hiding out in the trees or bushes.

Langkawi Craft Complex (Kompleks Kraf)

Admission is free to this government-sponsored interactive museum for Malay arts and crafts but we recommend you book ahead for a two-hour guided tour (also free).

With the guided tour, you also get to participate in wood, ceramic, batik and traditional kite painting, and you get to keep everything you’ve done at no charge (drop-in visitors have to pay RM 15 to do a batik painting).

Because they usually deal with big tour groups, you have to go through some government bureaucracy to book a guided tour. It’s better to get your concierge to make arrangements. They need one or two days’ notice to arrange these interactive tours and there is a two-person minimum.

If you go without a pre-booked tour, make sure you see the mini-museums in the interior and the workshops way at the back. The free glass-blowing demonstrations at the Faizy Crystal workshop is a great treat for both adults and children. You can try glassblowing yourself if you are on the guided tour. The ratings below are for the guided tour.
Snake Sanctuary

The big attraction here is the snake charming shows held twice a day. Unfortunately, there is no guide there to explain the interesting snake exhibits on the premises. The admission fee is pretty low, but it’s still not worth it if you miss the show. This place needs guides and a makeover badly.

The Field of Burnt Rice

It’s not actually a charred field but a nice traditional house built on a historical site where the villagers burned their entire rice harvest in 1821 trying to starve out invading Siamese soldiers (it didn’t work).

This is a very, very low-key tourist attraction and it won’t be tragic if you miss it. If you still want to go, look for a big parking lot across the public school in Padang Matsirat. Squeeze through the narrow alley at the corner and you’ll come to the house. You may have to ask for directions to the alley.

Laman Padi (Rice Museum)

Laman Padi gets frequently ridiculed in online travel forums for being boring but all you need is a guide and things get much more interesting. A guide is usually on standby but you have to ask for one. There is a lot to interest culture buffs and nature lovers too.

Without a guide, Laman Padi is still a serene and meditative place to hide out if Cenang gets too frenzied outside. There’s no charge to walk around the museum grounds and the admission fee into the museum is practically nothing. There’s a nice spa at the back with a great view of the rice fields.

The Ancient Tomb (Makam Purba)

There are two tiny ancient tombstones next to the big mosque in Ulu Melaka so old that no one knows who is buried there. Frankly, this site should be designated for historical research and not marked on maps as a tourist attraction. There is nothing for tourists to see here anyway, just two tiny gravestones between village houses. Out of respect for these two mysterious early visitors to Langkawi, we recommend that you skip this unless you’re into SE Asian archeology.

Air Hangat Village Hot Springs

Not recommended at the moment because it is under construction. It is open if you still want to check out the cultural stuff and the interesting wall murals. Admission is free and there are some shops selling very cheap clothes and souvenirs.

Mardi Agro Park

Mardi Agro Park is government fruit farm and research centre that’s open to tourists. For a small admission fee, you get a 15 minute guided tour around the orchards. They sell nice platters of exotic fruits at the cafe. There is also a forest path here if you want to go jungle trekking.

Crocodile Farm

Like the Snake Sanctuary, it’s not worth going unless you time your visit with their shows. There is croc feeding at 11am and croc wrestling at 2.45pm, and both shows are pretty amazing sights. The animals here are bred for their pelts and meat (you’d be surprised at how big the exotic meat industry is around the world).



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